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"I started this business some years ago simply for the enjoyment of preparing a bake and watching folks appreciate it.  We are very casual in our delivery and a fun group to have around.  With that said, our craft and quality is always paramount."

About 15 years ago, Tom introduced the "Traditional Maine Lobster Bake" to a local resort on the Boothbay Harbor peninsula. Since then he has shared this wonderful tradition with many customers both local & from afar.

Red Lobster

MEET The crew

Jordan Caron - Tom's son and right-hand-man

is a Maine Guide and Local Sportsfishermen. He shares the love of a good old fashioned lobster bake as well.


Sarah Caron - Tom's daughter

is often helping at the front end to ensure things are ready to go and have a nice presentation. She is a Biologist and in grad school so it's a nice break for her during the Summer months.

Craig Andrews

has years of experience as a chef, and owner of a local Restaurant in the Boothbay area for many years. He is a wonderful addition to the team.

Dane Combrink

wears many hats! He summers and works in Maine for his parents at their downtown shop and this will be his 4th year running lobster bakes with Tom and the crew. 

Zach Ronan

another local chef who has been with Tom for a number of years. He works full time at a very successful local restaurant. We are fortunate when he is able to join the team!


More about the caron Family...

Tom lives in the Boothbay Harbor area and sources all his seafood & necessary supplies from our local fisherman and businesses.


On a personal note, Tom and his wife Wendy (a wedding coordinator) -------------------------->  share a home in Boothbay Harbor with 3 dogs Oliver, Dawson & Maddie, 10 chickens, and two goats(Lily & Iris).

When they aren't delivering Lobster bakes or weddings, they enjoy boating and working in the gardens at home. 

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